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Three Refrigerator Problems That Mean You Should Call A Repairman

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While it's true that a "weekend warrior" type of homeowner can complete some fridge repairs independently, such as changing the water filter or defrosting the defrost drain, there are some instances when your best bet is to bring in the heavy troops by hiring a professional repairman, like the ones at Appliance Technology. When you find yourself in one of these situations, paying for a repair is less of a hassle than trying to diagnose and complete expensive repairs on your own (you may not have the tools or diagnostic expertise you need, for example). But these types of repairs are also generally minor enough that you don't need to discard your appliance and buy a whole new one. 

1. Coolant escape

If the coolant is leaking from your refrigerator, you may notice that the unit is starting to cool less efficiently. However, this can also happen for a number of other reasons, such as:

  • Condensor fan problem
  • Evaporator fan problem
  • Faulty door seal
  • Dirty coils or fan blades

Check the coils and fans to make sure they're clean and unclogged, and then if you're still having a cooling problem, check for coolant by turning off the fridge and then listening to the walls for a minute or two. The coolant makes a small hissing sound as it decompresses inside the unit. If you can't hear anything, you may have a lack of coolant or some other involved mechanical problem that your repairman can diagnose.

2. A mysterious leak

Some leaks are easy to diagnose and fix. Before calling for repair, check the water filter and ice maker, which can both allow relatively innocuous leaks when small parts of them wear out. You should also check the defrost drain, which can become blocked with ice and cause leaking inside the fridge. If none of these seem to be the problem, though, you may have an issue that requries a more involved repair.

3. New sounds

If your fridge has recently started to make sounds it hasn't made in the past, such as grinding or buzzing sounds or other loud noises, it's often a signal of a serious problem. The fridge may be suffering from a malfunctioning part such as a worn-out compressor that's about to die, a blocked condensor fan, or an evaporator fan motor problem. A repair professional will be able to tell which problem is causing the sound and whether it's worth your while to have it repaired or replaced.  

These three issues often herald the need for an appliance repairman. Fortunately, many of the common reasons for the issues are fairly straightforward for a professional with the right skill set and tools to fix.