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Three Steps To Take While You Wait For The Fridge Repair Service

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It's time to jump into action when you notice that your refrigerator is no longer keeping your food as cold as it should. Make your first priority to call a local appliance repair service and schedule a visit. Ideally, a technician will be able to visit your home within a day or two, or possibly even sooner. It's not time to sit back and relax once you've made this call; there are a handful of other important things to do as you get ready for the repair person's arrival. These three steps can shorten the length of the repair visit to save you money and also prevent further damage to your fridge.

Relocate The Fridge Contents

Spoiled food is a waste of money, so get busy finding a new home for the items that are currently in your fridge. Some things, such as some fruits and vegetables, can be left at room temperature. Others should be kept chilled, which means you might need to rely on a neighbor or even a large cooler with some ice packs. Eat what you can and consider freezing the items that will endure lower temperatures if you have a separate deep freeze in your home. Don't stop with the fridge contents; you must also empty out the contents of the fridge's freezer compartment. Emptying out the fridge is about more than saving your food -- the repair person will typically need access to the panel at the back of the unit.

Unplug The Fridge And Clean Its Coils

There's no sense in having the fridge continue to drain electricity when it's not running correctly, so reach behind the appliance and unplug it. This step does more than just save you money. Depending on the issue with the unit, unplugging it can also prevent further damage. For example, a broken fridge thermostat is no longer sending a signal to the condenser to stop running, which means this expensive motor could continue running until it burns out. After unplugging the fridge, pull the unit away from the wall and vacuum the dust off the coils to its rear; the appliance repair person will need clear access to this area and doing the vacuuming yourself will shorten the length of the repair visit.

Grab Some Towels

One the fridge's power is cut, you can expect the built-up ice in the freezer to begin melting. This is ideal as it will free up access to any panels in the freezer that the repair person will need to access. Get some heavy bathroom towels and place them at the bottom of the freezer compartment and on the floor around the fridge to soak up the water. By the time the repair person arrives, your fridge will be thawed out, emptied and ready to be fixed without delay.

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