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How To Quickly Replace Your Washing Machine Power Cord

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If your washing machine power cord has become frayed or damaged, you'll want to replace it in order to ensure that your machine continues to work properly. 

Get Your Washing Machine Ready

The first thing you are going to need to do is unplug your washing machine. Then, you need to turn off the water supply to your washing machine. The spigots for your water supply should be in the wall near where the electrical outlet is. Make sure that you turn the spigots all the way to the off position. 

Next, have someone help you pull your machine out. You are going to need to some space to work, so make sure that it is pulled out far enough from the wall so that you can work behind your machine. 

Disconnect The Water 

Next, you need to disconnect the line that supplies the water. You'll want to place a five gallon bucket under the water lines behind your water machine. Then, use your pliers and remove the connections between the supply line and your washing machine. Hold on to the lines as you loosen them, and place the end of each line inside of the bucket you placed behind your machine.  

Even though you turned off the water supply, there may still be residual water in the supply connection lines.

Detach The Control Console

Now you are going to need to detach the access panel or control console. Top-load washers have a control console which is located on the topside of your machine. Front-loading washing machines have an access panel located behind your washing machine. 

Generally, the control console/access panel is secured in place with either spring clips or screws. If your control console uses screws to secure it in place, use a screwdriver to remove them. If your control console uses spring clips to secure it, slide a flat object, like a putty spreader, in between the console and your washer to disengage each spring clip. 

Detach The Power Cord

Take your power cord and follow it from the back of either the access panel or console to where the connector is. The connector is where your power cord plugs into your washing machine. There may be a green wire on your power cord, which grounds it, that is also attached to your washing machine frame; some washing machines have this feature, but not all do.  If you see a green wire, you will need to use a screwdriver to take out the screw holding it in place. 

Next, pull off any retaining clips securing your old cord in place. You may need to use a screwdriver for this step. Once the ground wire has been disconnected and the retaining clips removed, tug the old cord all the way through the access panel/control console. Place it aside.

Attach The New Cord

Take the new power cord and string it back through your access panel/control console following the same path you just used to remove the old power cord. Push the cord into the retaining clips until it snaps in place. Plug the connector into the outlet in your washing machine. Reattach the ground wire to the new power cord and your washing machine using the retaining screw if your washer has this feature. 

Reattach Everything You Detached At The Beginning

Once the power cord is secure, reattach the access panel/control console and replace the screws or springs. 

Take the water lines and thread them back on to your washing machine. Make sure that you tighten them up. Reattach the connections with the pliers; make sure they are secure. Remove the bucket from behind your washing machine. Turn your water spigot back to the on position.

Finally, plug in your new power cord and get someone help you to move your washing machine back into place. 

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