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Common Dryer Problems And How To Fix Them Yourself

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If you own a dryer, the convenience of being able to dry your clothes at home is definitely something you appreciate. But what happens if the dryer stops working or begins acting strangely? You can call an appliance repair company, or you can attempt to do a little troubleshooting yourself first. Try these helpful tips if your dryer starts behaving erratically, and see if they help you get the problem solved on your own.

Drum Is Spinning But No Heat Is Coming Out

If you notice that the main drum in your dryer is turning but it's not producing heat, this could be caused by a number of different issues. First, check to ensure that the fuse is not blown. Often, the dryer no longer produces heat due to a blown fuse so if it is blown, you should be able to replace it and the dryer will work normally again. If the fuse is not the issue, it may be that the thermostat is no longer working properly. Check the reading and reset it if possible. Heating coils can also go bad, causing the heat to stop working. If the coil leads are reading zero when you attach them to an electrical tester, they should be replaced.

The Motor Runs But Drum Does Not Spin

You may hear your dryer's motor operating but notice that the main drum is not rotating. If this is the case, it is typically caused by a broken belt. If so, you can purchase a replacement at most appliance stores or order one online. Just be sure you select the correct belt for your dryer's particular make and model. Another common cause for the drum to stop rotating can be a bad roller. The roller is located under the tumbler. Sometimes it gets worn out and can no longer function properly. This part is also simple to replace. Remove the tumbler and then pop the retaining clip off of the roller to remove it, then reverse the process to install a new one.

Dryer Is Running Too Hot

Dryers emanating too much heat can be a serious fire risk. Make sure your lint trap is emptied and check the outside lint trap vent as well. Clear them both out completely before running the dryer again. Faulty heating coils and bad thermostats can be other common causes, so perform a simple check of these two mechanisms to ensure they're operating properly. If not, they should be replaced before using the dryer again to avoid it overheating.

Non-Working Dryer

If your dryer is simply not working at all, make sure there is power running to it. Flip the main breaker on and off and try to run it again. Dryers use a part called a start switch that tells the dryer to begin cycling. Sometimes, this switch can fail, and the dryer will stop working. Put an electrical tester to the start switch to see if it's getting any electrical signal. If the tester is reading at zero or extremely low, the start switch may have gone bad. Most of these simple fixes can be done at home with a little patience and the correct replacement parts. If you still cannot get your dyer to operate correctly, be sure to call your local appliance repair company so they can take a look at it. 

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