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3 Reasons A Gas Dryer Doesn't Heat Up

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Clothes dryers rely on heat to dry clothes and other items, but they also rely on airflow to evenly distribute the heat. If there is a restriction in the air flow, your dryer may overheat and/or stop running. Although a gas dryer heats with gas, it also requires the use of electricity to ignite the gas and for flow regulation, so if there is a problem with any of the electrical devices, the fan and the tumbler will continue to work, but the dryer will not heat up. There are typically three primary reasons you may need to call a repair service for a gas dryer that does not heat up: thermal fuse, igniter and/or the air flow.

Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse helps to regulate the temperature in the heating chamber. If the air flow is restricted, the heating chamber can overheat and cause the thermal fuse to blow. If the thermal fuse blows, the power will shut off for the coils, which control the gas valve. In most situations, the fuse is placed on the exhaust duct, which is located inside the back panel. A thermal fuse can usually be changed by the average do-it-yourself homeowner, or you can contact a local appliance repair company to change the fuse for you.

Gas Valve Coils

A gas dryer relies on the igniter to heat the gas valve coils, which turn red and operate like the heating element on an electric stove or an electric heater. When the dryer turns on, the coils begin to heat up and will ignite the gas once the coils are hot enough. The electric conductor on the valve coils can burn out, and if it does, the coils may continue to have a red glow, but they will not get hot enough for the gas to ignite. If you notice that the coils are getting red, but the dryer is not heating up, you should contact an appliance repair company to replace the gas valve coils.

Air Flow

The motor is responsible for moving the tumbler and running the fan that creates air circulation. The air is circulated through the heating chamber, into the tumbler and released through the vent. If there is a blockage, such as a buildup of lint, the air cannot circulate, causing the heating chamber to overheat and the thermostat to shut off the gas. The tumbler will continue to run, but it will not stay hot, so the clothes will not dry. There are a number of things that can block the air flow, so it is best to contact a dryer repair service to determine the problem.

Not Enough Heat

It is important to keep in mind that there is a difference between the dryer not heating up and it simply not getting hot enough to dry the clothes.

  • If it does not heat up at all, it is typically due to a defective part, but it will work normally after the part is repaired or replaced.
  • If the dryer heats up, but not enough to dry the clothes, it is often caused by a restriction in the air flow. In most situations, if you clean the lint filter and the vent, it should begin to heat up again.

You should clean the lint filter after each use to prevent a buildup, and it will also prevent you from using more energy than you need to dry the laundry. If the dryer is overheating and repairs are not done, it may cause a fire, so it is best to contact an appliance repair company as soon as you notice a problem.