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What Could Be Causing Your Washer To Make So Much Noise?

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A malfunctioning washer is a disaster for any home. While repairing a washing machine might seem scary, it may not always be a complicated repair job. Even if you end up not wanting to fix your washer on your own, it can help to learn more about what parts might be causing your washer to suddenly make so much noise.

Pump and Pump Motor

The purpose of the drain pump on your washing machine is to pump the water in the wash tub both before and during the washer's spin cycle. Your pump will either be motor driven, belt driven, or it could have an electric motor. If the noise your washer is making is coming from the pump, it could be because the pump is defective or becoming restricted.

You can remove the cabinet (or front panel) of your washer to locate the pump. Then, you can listen and watch while operating the washer to see if this is the source of the noise. Just be careful not to touch anything while the washer is operating.

The Drive Belt

In some top load washers, the drive belt will connect the transmission to the driver motor. In some front load washers, it connects the wash basket to the drive motor. If the drive belt has become worn out or defective, it is possible it could be causing the noise simply because it is struggling to provide the friction the motor needs to operate the washer.

The Shock Absorbers

Every single front load washing machine has shock absorbers. The purpose of the shock absorbers is to dampen the wash tub while the spin cycle is on. If your shock absorbers are damaged or weak, it can cause the washing machine to make a very loud banging noise while the spin cycle is on. This is a problem you do not want to ignore, as it can damage other parts of the washing machine as it continues to get worse.

The Drive Motor

The purpose of the drive motor in a top load washer is to make sure the transmission functions properly. It also helps spin the wash basket and operates the pump in some washers. A very common sign the drive motor is failing is when you start to hear a buzzing or humming noise while using the washer.

As you can see, your washer is made up of a lot of components, and any one of those components could be causing your washer to be noisier than normal. For help with washer repair, contact a service like Jerry's Appliance Service.