Electric Oven Repair: Why It Needs to Happen Now

How To Keep Your Refrigerator Evaporator Clean

The evaporator is one of the most important elements of any modern refrigerator. It is partly responsible for the circulation of refrigerant throughout the unit. Over time, if your evaporator is not serviced, your refrigerator will use more energy and struggle to maintain a constant, cool temperature. This is why normal service of your refrigerator […]

Three Refrigerator Problems That Mean You Should Call A Repairman

While it’s true that a “weekend warrior” type of homeowner can complete some fridge repairs independently, such as changing the water filter or defrosting the defrost drain, there are some instances when your best bet is to bring in the heavy troops by hiring a professional repairman, like the ones at Appliance Technology. When you find yourself […]

Common Dryer Problems And How To Fix Them Yourself

If you own a dryer, the convenience of being able to dry your clothes at home is definitely something you appreciate. But what happens if the dryer stops working or begins acting strangely? You can call an appliance repair company, or you can attempt to do a little troubleshooting yourself first. Try these helpful tips […]

Four Important Ways Furnace Replacement Can Be Financially Rewarding

Homeowners may sometimes be discouraged from investing in a new furnace because of the upfront expense that the investment entails. Even when they know that their current furnace is inefficient and out-of-date, it’s often easy for homeowners too continuously procrastinate about this important purchase. However, it’s important to be aware of the fact that a […]

3 Reasons A Gas Dryer Doesn’t Heat Up

Clothes dryers rely on heat to dry clothes and other items, but they also rely on airflow to evenly distribute the heat. If there is a restriction in the air flow, your dryer may overheat and/or stop running. Although a gas dryer heats with gas, it also requires the use of electricity to ignite the […]